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About Forsyth Park
Forsyth Park and it’s famous fountain is a very popular wedding ceremony venue. The fountain was added to the park in 1858 and is one of the most recognizable symbols of Savannah. We create an aisle flanked with chairs, lined by beautiful oak trees, dripping in Spanish Moss, leading you right up to the fountain. It is hard to beat this beautiful ceremony backdrop. There are many beautiful locations in the park for photos, including the intimate, Fragrant Garden, stocked with plenty of roses and other plants, and a small fountain.

Reserving Forsyth Park
Reserving the park can be done up to one year in advance. Using a wedding planner local to Savannah will save you money in reserving the park for a lower fee. For elopements no reservation is required, but you run the risk of another wedding taking place at the same time. The best chance of finding an available date, is to book well in advance. If you are on a quick timeline or eloping, the best times to avoid a scheduling conflict are in the morning or evening, rather than the afternoon. Weekdays are also less busy than weekends.

In the case of inclement weather, you have many options. The walkway leading up to the fountain is covered in mature trees, which provide shade in the hot, sunny, summer days, and also provide shelter from light rain. We can also arrange for event tent rentals.

Is Forsyth Park your dream outdoor ceremony venue? It is definitely one of Savannah’s most famous and popular locations. If you think it is the one for you, contact us to inquire about booking it for your wedding or special event!

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